Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Companion

Hey Everyone!

Okay so on Tuesday we had our transfer meeting. They asked me to lead the music. The last song was "God be With You Till We Meet Again". I look over at Sister Hatch and she is crying. I started sobbing and couldnt sing! In front of everyone. ugh. Then we got to go to the temple with Gary, Laurie and Sena! Oh it was so wonderful. We did baptisms for his family that he found. He drove 4 hours to come! Oh it was so powerful. I got to the font and I asked them to wait to do Gary's family until everyone was in the baptistry. I did 34 names! I got dunked alot! hahaha When we confirmed them, the spirit was so strong that the man doing the confirmations started crying. I've never felt the spirit so strong doing baptisms. I felt the missionary work pressing forward in the spirit world. Oh I forgot my temple recommend and had to get president on the phone...so lucky he picked up. tender mercy.

Well I got my new companion. Her name is Hermana Gage! She is amazing! I've never laughed so hard! She is so funny and we have the same humor. We have so much fun and work really hard together. We get alot done, but sometimes we get distracted in personal and companion study which isnt good because I love me some study time. So that will be our goals. She is from North Carolina. She went to BYUI. She only have 3 more months left. :( I hope I kill her. (I am with her when she goes home)

We were driving and I felt like I needed to turn around and knock on a house. So I turned around and we knocked and she invited us the next day. We go back and she tells us that her family is falling apart. I gave her a family proclamation and we talked about families and said a powerful prayer for her. She invited us back. I told her how we were directed to her. Her name is Christine.

Sonya is jumping right in the ward. She brings everyone in the gospel principles class! It's so funny! There's not really enough room, but it makes the lessons so much powerful, so I love that she does it. We were sitting with our investigator Tom, and I see that she is sitting by herself in sacrament meeting! I was really sad and was about to go over and sit with her, until the ladies behind her invite her to sit with them after the first hymn. She got up and moved! It was great! Everyone loves her so much!
Well Everyone! I better get going. Just know that I am happy, I love the work, I love the people, and I love you!
-Sister Gampe

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