Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Service Week

Hey Everyone!
Oh I got a wonderful package in the mail from my mom. It was a Gorgeous quilt she made for me on my mission. I knew she was making it because I sorta helped arrange it, which is 2% of the actual work of making a quilt. I was amazed when I saw it! It is just gorgeous! It's a kaleidoscope quilt. She put Minkie material on the back because I love how soft it is, even though the material is super hard to work with because it is stretchy. But the coolest part about the quilt is, she quilted "Sister Kendra Gampe" "Denver" "Colorado South" "The Third Day" "Moses 2:13" "Love Mom 2013" It is so neat! She even used multi colored thread on the floral materials and black on the black materials. I ignored her request to not show anyone (she didn't like how the minky turned out on the back) because it was gorgeous!!! I couldn't help it. Everyone I showed loved it so much! I love how big it is :) I took lots of pictures. I hope the detail showed up. :/ If not i'll take more for sure.
  So Brother Hanberg (young mens president here in Meeker) had a best friend in Billings, Mt. Now that is Dane's best friend. I also figured out that Brother Hanberg Served the Boise, ID mission and found a picture of Jace in his Missionary Directory! I was dying! Its such a small world! I'll send that picture as well.
We went over to the Hanbergs during the super bowl. They have no cable, so we ate a ton of food so we could still enjoy the fun. I ate way too much and thought I was going to puke!
On Sunday 20 minutes before church this guy, James came in and Bishop talked to him right away. No one knew who he was. Then Bishop introduced us to him. He right away started pouring out all the problems he's had all his life. And said that he climbed up to the lit up cross on the mountain and looked down on Meeker and saw our church and it was the brights one. So he walked to the church and he said he just fell to his knees in front of the door. He said he felt he needed to come. So I'm sitting next to him giving him some comfort and explaining some things we believe and how Heavenly Father loves him and how he was the one who is giving him the comfort during that prayer. It was after the sacrament and one testimony, he turns to me and says, "I'm sorry, but this is reminding me too much of my ex fiance who broke up with me last night. It's too much right now." I asked for his number and if we could visit with him sometimes this week, he said yes. Then I asked if there was anything we could do for him. He said we've already done so much. Then as he got up to leave he starts walking up on the stand! I thought he was gonna bear his testimony! I was like...uhhh shoot! hahaha but then he walked over to Bishop and whispered to him a little bit and then got down and left. Weird occurrence, but I think he is really neat. He's looking for a desperate change in his life. I know he was led to the Church by our loving Heavenly Father. He's 19 years old and has been abandoned by everyone in his family. Poor thing. The gospel will give him happiness.
We have had a week full of service. We helped with this huge community dinner. It was themed "Meekeropoly" It was really really cute! They had that room decked out in Monopoly themed things. They even changed the cards to places in Meeker. They had a jail and two people were police and people paid to put friends in jail. You had to either roll doubles or pay to get out. All profit went to the Chamber of Commerce which is basically in charge of the community. They had a silent auction. (Me and Sister Partridge were in charge of watching that). Every time someone bid, bought a drink, went or sent someone to jail, they were given a dot sticker. Whoever had the most dots at the end won 100 dollars. Well they made so much money! They were selling packages of things like horseback riding trip, plane rides, fishing trips, spas for like 300-400 dollars! Bishop signed up for something, thinking that someone would bid over and no one didnt. He's adorable wife was so mad when they had to bring home a clock with a huge pheasant on it! haha He got tons of other things too, but it was an expensive purchase! They also had a comedian. Who thought he was much funnier than he was. But he was funny for all the drunk people. We ended up leaving early. But we put alot of work into it. Setting up and built sky scrappers. It was a lot of work, but they announced our names and how much we helped out and everyone started clapping for us. :) Cool huh!
We also helped our investigator Tom move into his new house. He recently married Bev who is a convert to the church. The house they moved into is a lot of work. We have been painting walls like crazy and cleaning. The landlord is not helping with the costs at all. The bathtub had huge holes all on it. Ridiculous. They should have taken pictures, but they didn't. There's still alot of work to do, but it looks ten times better than it did. Whoever painted before did terrible. platters of paint all over the windows and they painted the cabinets puke pink colored. It looked awful! I see a bright future for this little house. Tom was so grateful for all the work we put in. We put in about 6-7 hours. We will help more this week as well.
Everything is going well with our investigators with the baptism dates. Joanne is excited to start the Stop Smoking Program. She is getting a blessing and starting that tonight. Rachel went to church and loves it. Eddie's dad signed his baptism record so he is allowed to get baptized and April is still going strong with the desire.
Another neat thing is, Gary's son just took the mission lessons in Craig. (we asked for his number and if we could send the elders there) He has a baptism date on the 16th this month! We are so excited. I think that will be really wonderful! :)
We had to go to the dentist today for Sister Partridge. I thought she had a terrible cavity, but it turns out her filling chipped out. So she did need to replace that. We went to the dentist in Craig, who is a member. He didn't charge her. It was so sweet and almost made me cry. Sister Partridge doesn't have insurance. What a blessing for Sister Partridge. Blessings will pour on that church member.
My cut on my ankle is looking alot better. It still hurts, but I can tell it's healing. I change the wrappings everyday. I'll send a picture of that as well.
We had an emergency preparedness at the church. It was all about fire extinguishers. It was really neat. We had the fire company come. They built fires in the church parking lot and let us all extinguish them out. I couldn't get it to stop and screamed "how do I get it to stop" (It didn't because it was the end of the fire extinguisher). It reminded me of the time Mom let me pump the gas on our way to Altoona and I forgot to stop squeezing the handle and spilled gas all over me.
We visited this lady, Elsy. She will never progress in the church because she's kinda out of it. She's really old. We have been singing to her. It reminded me of how my Grandma Gampe would take us to the nursing home she worked at and we would sing in ever door. Elsy loved it. We sang, "Joseph Smiths First Prayer" and "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief". The spirit was strong. (so was the smell of mice) But it was a wonderful experience.
Well I think that is all for this week. We are working hard. It was a week full of service, so our number of lessons was lower this week, which is kinda a bummer, but I know that service is the way we show our love for the people here in Meeker. I truly do love them all.
Thanks for all your letters of encouragement. I love them all so much! It helps me out!
-Love Sister Gampe



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