Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rachel's Baptism

Hey Everyone!
Rachel got baptized on the 16th!!! It was so wonderful! She has such a wonderful spirit! She was truly ready, and I know she will learn more and progress. She is so inspiring you have no clue! When she came out of the water, so many emotions flooded my body. Such a powerful spirit. Gary and his son Hunter, who is planning on getting baptized March 2nd went. We went out for dinner afterwards. I think they felt the spirit at the baptism. I loveeee Gary's family. They are so wonderful. :) Rachel said that she feels like a whole new woman. She said that she has noticed a difference in her life since having the Gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.
Too bad she's a cute tiny girl, so we look like ogres next to her.
The other pictures I sent with Sister Pare' was on Wednesday when we went on exchanges. I went to Rifle with the Spanish Sisters and Sister Encarnacion went to Meeker in my place. We switched for 24 hours. When we drove half way to Rifle, me and Sister Partridge stopped on the side of the road. It was dark, but we pulled up near a barn. Then while we were waiting, we noticed a woman in the distance, but because it was dark we could only see a silouette. Then I noticed that we could see her holding a gun! Whoa! So I immediately turned on the light, waved, and then rolled down the window and said with the sweetest voice, "Hey sorry we are just waiting for a friend" She immediately said, "Okay sorry, I live out here alone and I thought you were going after my turkeys." That was a close one huh! haha well anyways. I went to Spanish lessons which was really neat. I taught 3 women how to speak english. I was able to understand them almost the whole time. What a blessing! It was a neat experience. Sister Pare' reminds me of the girl from the movie, "Enchanted"...yep Overall though, it was a good experience. She liked my footie pajamas. haha
The next photo we went to Anne Marie's house. She is less-active. Super wonderful. We knocked three times and no answer. So I RAN to the baby lambs! They were so sweet. Then we heard the door open after we were taking pictures. Yep she saw us. But good thing we stayed because then we got to set up an appointment to clean out the sheep cages...Pants here we come!
The next picture is of my district. We will probably all be getting moved around to different areas next week. Transfers are the 26th. Sister Partridge goes home so I am getting a new companion. I will miss her. :/ I think I might be training and possible two at once. I will find out on Friday. In our district we have Elder: Campbell, Jenkins, Sejas, Rivera, Hill, Mickelson, Hale, Schwegler, and White.
The last photo is of Joanne's puppy! She had a litter of 7 :) They are chocolate labs! So adorable! They snuggled right up to you. They are a two weeks old. We saw her literally this morning. She told us she needs to pause with taking the lessons. She explained with her addictive personallity she want's to make the decision of baptism when she has a clear mind. I understand. She has a lot going on with her family. She is wonderful and we will continue to be friends with her. I know this isnt the end. She said she will continue to pray and read the Book of Mormon. Maybe every now and then we can stop by and read a chapter with her.
Rayola Rust, our primary president recently got a extensive surgery. She was internally bleeding. We thought she wasn't going to make it. The doctors lost her 2 times, but brought her back. She recently overcame cancer. She is a fighter, thats for sure. She is home, but has tubes coming out of her stomach, so she is just sitting in a chair and can't do much. We stop by to give her company. We are going over tomorrow to clean and do laundry for her. When we stopped by two other ladies from our ward were over visiting. Isn't it wonderful how the members help eachother out. She does so much better when she has visitors with her. Sister Nielson has been staying with her some nights so she's not lonely. Shes a sweet woman. Both are.
April Rust, Rayola's daughter in law, is getting baptized on the 24th! We are so excited! We kept telling Rayola that Heavenly Father wouldn't take her yet because he wanted her at the baptism! April is so excited. She is ready. She has alot to learn, but that will come afterwards. She knows everything she needs to know if she should be baptized. She made HUGE wonderful changes in her life for this. She sees the blessings pouring in already.
On Friday we saw Laura. We finally taught her about The Law of Chastity. It was so hard to bring it up because her and her boy friend are living together with a son. We didn't want to hurt her feelings at all. Well it went well. We had to bring up the fact that she can't get baptized until she is married. It's sad because she want's to be married. She really really does. She's wonderful. She came to church for the second time! We were so happy because she was able to express her worry of coming to church not being married. We told her that no one is perfect and that is why we go to church. She is making alot of friends at church. We always invite her to activities. She loved when we talked about the temple. I see her being sealed to Ed and Dillan one day. :) She is so wonderful.
We saw Ray another investigator. He has been reading the Book of Mormon. He told us to come back the last time in a month. We finally were able to come back. He is neat! What a Bible Studier! Well anyways, he likes the Book of Mormon, but was confused because he started in the book of Mormon and Moroni. Hahah so he wasn't able to understand it all. hahaha He still had alot of questions. We explained and answered them all. He is such a logical thinker, so we will need to really pray for the approaches we take when we teach him. He enjoys discussing with us. Very respectful and sincerely wants to learn more.
We, Sister Partridge and I, sang on sunday in Relief Society. We sang, "Our Saviors Love". It went really well. We are singing next sunday in sacrament meeting, "Lord I Would Follow Thee"
I'm now reading in Helaman in The Book of Mormon. Wow Alma was good. So many afflictions, but as they endured with faith in Christ, they were able to get through them. Always remember how the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers the pains, sicknesses, hurt, guilt, and sins. Sometimes we just think it is sins, but it's much more. My favorite verse this week is
 1 Corinthians 11:15 because an Elder from the MTC sent me a letter with that verse because he likes long hair. hahaha I was dying laughing!
but for reals, my favorite reading was 1 Nephi 21: 9-11. We read it with Chris (he can't go to church because of work so we read with him every week) I loved it because Sister Partridge came up with how it compares to Christ because he lets all the prisoners go forth and brings light to the darkness. It's comparing it to Christ. But I interpreted it as missionary work. Go tell everyone our message. It brings light to their darkness of not knowing the Restored gospel. Christ will take care of them from there.
I love you all so much! Here is my Mission office address just incase:
Colorado Denver South Mission
999 East Tufts Ave.
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
-Sister Gampe
P.S. can you believe I've been serving for 4 months?! What!?

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