Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pool Party in the Baptismal Font

Hey Everyone!
I'm excited to say that we have 4 people set on date for baptism in Feb! I'm so excited! I really hope that Satan doesn't get to them! It's amazing how much success there is here in Meeker. They had 4 Baptisms last YEAR! haha We are working hard and the Lord is blessing us and everyone around us.
Eddie is 8 years old. His parents are not members. His sister is. He is living with a family in our ward, the Leathems, and they teach him all about the Gospel. It's amazing and adorable how much he knows. He knows more than adults know. He's really cute and really wants to get baptized. The Leathems are really making sure that he gets baptized for himself so he has his own testimony to rely on. He wants to so badly! He ran up to Bishop Isenhour and asked if he would baptise him! hahaha so cute! His baptism date is the 9th of Feb.
Rachel is also on date to be baptized. Her date is Feb 16th. She is working on getting over coffee and tanktops! ;) Shes really adorable. She's a gorgeous tiny blonde. She knows the church is true and is now ready to make the wonderful changes in her life. She loves the temple and wants to get married in it someday. She got a blessing to help her with coffee from Bishop on Friday. It was wonderful! The spirit was so strong. Rachel was so happy. I wrote out the blessing for her so she will always have it.
April is on date for Feb. 23rd. She is wonderful. She has a son Daven. Her husband is a member, but hasn't been to church in a while, but he is getting back into the church. She was introduced by her wonderful mother in law (who lives in Meeker) Sister Rust.
Joanne is also on date for Feb 23rd. She is inspiring. She is really working hard to get her life back on track. She is working on quiting smoking and coffee. We have been having a hard time connecting with her schedule. We need to see her. We missed her the past 2 weeks, but still have been communicating with her. I know she will see the blessings of baptism really soon.
We have been really getting involved with the ward. Yesterday we set up a fireside with bishop. It was for the youth to invite any nonmember friends and ask any questions. We had them write them down so it was more comfortable for them. We had a great turn out with the youth. But only one nonmember. One girl brought questions a friend asked but was too scared to come and ask herself. We answered those questions. We had alot of wonderful questions. The spirit was strong. I'm excited to see how the nonmember Lily liked it. She is a sweet her. Her family is Catholic. Wonderful people. Bishop let us have it at his house so it would be more comfortable. Our panel who answered the questions were Me and Sister Partridge, Bishop Isenhour, Brother Hanberg, and Brother Harman. It was really great.
We also meet with this inactive member of the church, Chris. He was baptized when he was young, but never came to church, so we started from scratch and taught him all the lessons. He loves it. We read the Book of Mormon every week with him. He reads a chapter on his own. When we first started, he couldn't read. It was hard for him to read even very simple words. We are now in 1Nephi 16 and He can read perfectly. We talked about it to him yesterday and he said he is dyslexic. He's been blessed tremendously. Very inspiring.
In ward council I was able to hear the lowest scoring basketball game! The Middle school girls basketball team WON! The score was 5-4! I was dying! hahaha what a great game! They say thats common haha
I had a wonderful package come in the mail from my sister, Alycia. I recieved a yoga mat, insanity work out videos, craisins, pistachios, and her famous carmel apples! It was such a wonderful surprise! I've been working out to the Insanity. Let me tell you that name is perfect. It is insane! It feels great afterwards thought, except for every muscle hurting in my body. Thats okay. haha
 I cut my ankle in the shower 2 nights ago. it was the worst I've ever done! It bled so much. I was scared I was going to pass out so I yelled for Sister Partridge. She first handed me a tissue! I was like uhh. I need way more than that! (she hates blood too) So she gave me a rag. I was able to make it out of the shower. She ran upstairs and asked sister Nielson for gauze and something to wrap it. Its about 3 inches long and a half inch wide. It hurts so bad to walk, but it will get better. We are taking care of it. Sister Nielson who is an animal lover only had dog wrap, so my (sports stretchy tape stuff) wrap is lime green with the words, "no chew" all over it. It also has a terrible scent so the dogs to chew it...I guess I'm better off not tempted to chew it. ;)
 It's been alot warmer here in Meeker. Sometimes we see 40! Sister Partridge and I haven't been wearing coats lately because we adapt so much to the cold -30s that 40 is now the 70s! hahah But it was snowing really badly today. We were on our way to Rifle. It was such a terrible blizzard. We couldn't see a difference from the road and the sky. scary. But we made it both ways safe. Heavenly Father was keeping an eye on us.
Gary's son, Hunter was at one of our lessons. Well he told Gary that he would come if I was always there. haha but it actually did get him thinking. It turns out he was really interested in the gospel a few years ago but got involved with a girl and started living with her. He has now accepted to take discussions from the Elders in Craig. (thats where he lives). We are excited because if he gets baptized that will really touch Gary's heart. Gary is so wonderful. We love that family so much. I know they will be my eternal friends.
We had a wonderful visit with the Denny's (the family who said they were offended and don't want anything to do with the church). Everything was straightened out. It was all a missunderstanding. Well we visited in their home. It went really well. The spirit was strong. We are reaching out to their son. He needs guidence for his future. He has only one more year left of high school. We mentioned preparing for a mission and a patriarchal blessing. I brought water in the lesson so I could clear my throat. (house is smokey) It helped but I still struggled a little. It didn't distract at all during the lesson. It was powerful. They are a wonderful family. We love them so much.
My scripture this week is Alma 13:24. there so so many people being prepared to hear the gospel! Go out and teach them! The gospel of Jesus Christ truly brings Happiness! I've realized that so much on my mission already! I see the blessings pouring out to the families who are keeping the commandments. Commandments keep us safe. They are blessings.
Well I think that is all for now. I love you all so so much! Thanks for all the letters of encouragement. They really make my day when I get them. I pray for you everyday!
-Sister Gampe

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