Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair Cut


Sister Moala

Hey Everyone!
I got my hair cut!!! I love it so much! I don't know what first really got me to have the desire. I've never had my hair short or dyed and so I thought that this would be a good time. Especially since I'm in No Dating mode. Don't worry mom, the dye is a total fade out, so It won't be there forever, and I won't have gross roots. I just dyed it darker with a mixed mocha. It's a really pretty color. My eye brows match really well as well. As for the length. It's so fun! my neck is so bare! I love how she cut the back so its shorter in the back than in the front. I can still do fun things to it. I like the change, but I'm sure I'll let it grow out back to long when I come home.
I wasn't able to e-mail yesterday because of Martin Luther King.
Today was transfers. I am still with Sister Partridge in Meeker. The only change is, I am now the driver. It will help me get to know Meeker better before she leaves. This transfer is only going to be 5 weeks. Sister Partridge has only 5 more weeks on her mission! Crazy!  We had 8 new Sister Missionaries come this week and 11 are coming next week. We have 180 missionaries in our Mission and it will jump up to 250! We think that they might split the mission in half. Who knows! Crazy things happening! The work is rapid!
I spoke on Sunday on Missionary Work. It was all about what the members can do. It turned out really great. I spoke for 15 minutes and was suppose to speak for 10. I tried so hard too. I need to work on that because it's rude. But except for that it really did go very well. Bishop restated and commented on things I said. Everyone complimented me. The ward seemed to be excited to hear from Sister Partridge and I that day. They enjoy having Sister Missionaries in Meeker.
We had a trio companionship from Saturday-Tuesday. We had Sister Moala. Her companion is finishing up her mission today! Sister Moala is hilarious! Her brother plays for the Colts and her cousin plays for the Ravens! I think I developed stronger abs with Sister Moala. She is just the funniest girl ever. She absolutely adores Tongans, so we visited the only Tongan family in Meeker and she was in love. The whole ward loved Sister Moala as soon as they met her. We are sad she is back in Glenwood Springs today. She actually goes home in 5 weeks with Sister Partridge. She asked me if I knew Elder Watts. I told her yes, that he served in our ward and my dad was his Bishop. She was sooooo excited and told me how that's one of her friends. She says he goes home that same week she does. I told her how wonderful of a missionary he was in our ward. She was so excited.
We had a busy schedule this past week. We are going to be more and more busy. Especially since we are going to visit every family in the ward and give them a Book of Mormon and Magnet that Sister Isenhour (Bishops wife) made for us. We will describe the importance of reaching out to people for friendships that could lead their friend to the gospel. It will be hard to see every family, but it will be worth it in the end. I know Meeker will be booming with missionary work.
Oh I forgot to announce to everyone that one of my best friends, KATRINA SCHAELLING is serving her mission in Urguay! So cool!
Sister Partridge loves eating out. Which is tough for me because I'm cheap. So she got money in the mail and she screamed, "its a sign! lets go out to eat." So we go and we saw basically the whole ward there and one family took our check and paid for it. It was so sweet. We have such a wonderful ward.
My favorite scripture this week was Alma 7:23-25. I love how it tells you what to do/be and the blessings that will come from it. Ahh I love The Book of Mormon! I am starting to read, Jesus the Christ. It's a tough read, but very interesting and I enjoy it. I am writing notes within the book so I get everything out of it. I am using the footnotes as well. I know it will draw me closer to Christ.
Well I love you all so much!
-Sister Gampe
PS The picture with the hair dresser is Sister Zellers. Her husband Gary is one of our investigators. We love that family so much. She wouldn't let me pay for the hair cut or dye because her sons didn't serve missions and she said this is how she funds missionaries. We had a blast while getting it done. Shes wonderful.

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