Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What about the Satan part?

Hey Everyone!!!!!
Alright this week was full of service opportunities, which is great. We sanded wooden chairs for 3 hours, moved a lady's storage for 2 hours, raked leaves for 2 hours, cleaned a 93 year old lady's house for 1 hour. My arms are whimpey!!!! Service is something I am really trying to seek so everyone can know how much we love them.
This was Sister Gage's last week with me. I think I am taking it harder than her! She doesn't like goodbyes so she didn't tell a soul she was leaving. They announced it in church and everyone gasped, but the people who weren't there, she still didn't tell! I felt so bad when she didn't tell Dandolf because he will be crushed! It makes me cry thinking about it. But I realized that this way of leaving is WAY easier than having everyone ask you when you leave for the whole last transfer. Next area I go to will think I have only been out for almost a year. ;)
The Zellers came to Denver and took us out for lunch! It was soooo wonderful to see them. I miss them everyday! The time flew and wasn't nearly enough. Earlier they sent a Halloween package to us! That candy didn't last long. Especially the cadbury creme eggs. yummmy!
Earlier this week, we had this amazing lesson with a new investigator Heidi. We had it in a members home and their were 3 adults. Cyndi, her mom, and her grandmother in law. I just finished saying the first vision really slow, the spirit is so strong, and I ask Heidi how she feels and she said she feels shivers going down her spin and she knows it's true. As soon as she says that the Grandma yells, "Well What about the Satan part! You skipped the Satan part and you can't leave that out!" She quickly explains the Satan part in a pretty scary way hahaha. I looked at Sister Gage like WHAT DO WE DO!? hahahaha it was hilarious. Sister Gage quickly bore her testimony. It brought the spirit back. We set Heidi on date to be baptized for January 6th. I wanted it to be earlier, but it was the date she set so her son, who was pretty recently baptized in a different state can baptize her. She is awesome!
Testimony meeting was amazing! My favorite part was when Tom Dean got up a bore his testimony! He is soooo shy and so scared of crowds. He said that he would NEVER do that. But he felt so strongly to do it. It was such a wonderful tender mercy. His testimony was so powerful. It brought tears to everyone's eyes.
I think I know who my next companion is! I think it is Sister Betts! My baby! I'm excited to have her back. She has so much spunk and energy. Something I really need. :) I know the ward will love her so much. I can't wait for my second chance to show Sister Betts how much I really love her. She came to me pretrained.
Well I love you all so much! Thanks for your love and support!!!!!
-Sister Gampe

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