Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nurse Kendra

Hey Everyone!
So it was a pretty tough week for me, but I'm doing alot better. It's just hard being away from your own area so much because your area is suppose to be an example for the other missionaries. Our area is good, but I just feel like I'm not contributing to it enough. Darn you Satan! haha
But anyways. I had exchanges with Sister Hunt. She got dehydrated really bad and I had to take her to our home and comfort her while she slept and puked it off. I kept forcing her to drink Gatorade. I have gotten less whimpy about puke because I comfort my companions while they puke. I'm glad they are puking and not me ;) hahah just kidding. kinda. But yeah I was worried about her. But she is doing alot better. She was really funny though. Right after she puked the most I've ever seen in my life, she looked awful, she turned to me and said, "oh yeah this is what's gonna get me a husband" hahaha funny girl.
The other exchange went well. I was with Sister Worthen. She has a bright spirit. She is working really hard to overcome her fears. She is terrified to talk to people. But I can tell she is really trying hard. She has a young mind and has to be reminded to brush teeth, pray, simple stuff. She is working hard. I learned alot during that exchange. I was able to look her in the eye and tell her that President Monson called her on a mission. I told her she is strong. Me and her got along very well.
We went to Mission Leader Counsel in Frisco. It's usually called Zone Leader Counsel, but since me and Sister Hatch were there, they changed it. haha The Elders were mad we were there because they said they had to be on their best behavior. We are put on high expectations. President Maynes said that the mission's progress depends on us. I have a feeling I'll be a Sister Leader Trainer for a while since we are getting a new President on the 28th.
Something I learned this week from last week, was that I need to give everyone a clean slate. I kinda expected disobedience last week with one of my exchanges. So of course I saw a ton of it. But I need to go in allowing them to show me what they have improved on. I need to be able to see their strengths. Not just something they need to fix.

Well I love you so much! Remember that. You are all in my prayers.
-Sister Gampe

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