Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm Alive!

I LOVE it here! My companion Sister Lamb from Las Vegas is amazing. She is so sweet and we get along perfect. My other roommates who are in my district Sister Schrishuhn (try pronouncing that, it took me 3 days to get it right ((Shry-shoon))) and Sister Langi are so fun too. The rest of the missionaries in our district are elders. They are all fun. We make sure to sit next to each other at the meal times. We actually sit with our whole zone. I was just asked to be the Coordinating Sister. Which means I'm in charge of my sisters. I need to serve them and love them and report how they are doing to the Branch President, President Wenn. He is literally 4'9''. Maybe even smaller. Looks like a little elf. I would love for him to dress up closer to Christmas time. haha just kidding. I found out I have to get what a way to make myself embarrassed and feel inadequate. It's not because of reading out loud or because I don't understand what I'm reading but because my vocab isn't good. The sister missionary that quizzed me would ask me randomly what a word meant in a verse in The Book of Mormon and I didn't do very well. I think I got them all wrong. Blame my ADD. Oh well. I would like the extra help, I just don't know how I will have time for it. They keep us busy in here. I'm exhausted by the end of the night. It's a lot of studying and class time. My mind is drained. I have no extra time to think. I miss you all, but I really don't have time to think about it, which is good. I can tell some people are struggling with homesickness. I am learning how to love everyone in the matter of 5 minutes of meeting them. It makes it easy to want to serve them. My heart is locked. Promise. My teachers Brother Bacon and Brother Roberts are amazing. They are currently attending BYU Provo and devote a lot of their time for us. You can tell they prepare very well. I love them and I'm very grateful for that. The spirit is so strong here. My heart is beating our of my chest. I literally think it will explode one day. I pray a lot here. I always pray for my investigators out in the field. I know that there are people waiting to here the gospel. I hope to help them come to Christ. I had my first lesson yesterday. It went very well actually. We felt really good about it. It was Brother Roberts pretending to be an investigator. At one point he said "The world is a dark place". In my head i desperately wanted to ask him why he thought that, or what has happened in his life that makes it a dark place, but Sister Lamb was talking and I didn't want to mess up our grove. When we walked out and Brother Roberts came back into class, he talked about how we need to love our investigators so much that we need to be concerned for them and want to help them and find out if they are struggling or going through a hard time. At that moment I knew the Holy Ghost wanted me to ask that question. Darn I didn't act on the Holy Ghost! But it is a learning experience and I am soooo grateful I was at least able to recognize the Holy Ghost. Gym is so fun here! I whoop on all the elders in four square. They get mad when I throw the "spin" move. Gets them every time! I also played volleyball and they were very impressed. All those years of going to Dad's practices and getting hit by jump serves. I hope you know how much I love it here. It is truly wonderful here. The meals here are of course delicious! But I make sure to watch what I eat because I don't want to gain weight. I cant believe how exhausting the MTC is. I am able to wake up at 6:30 am and fall into bed at 10:30. I think I'm snoring as I'm crawling into bed. OH, so me and my roommates took pictures at the Provo Temple. I'm sure they posted them on my facebook. They might have even included a video of Katelyn surprising us. She flew into Salt Lake City from Colorado to see me. Oh I was so happy. It was so wonderful. I thought I was going to be a crying mess when they dropped me off but I didn't have time. I had time to give them hugs and the Elders pulled me away with my luggage. Probably a good thing. Well I don't have too much to tell you because they days literally blur together. I study, listen, and pray constantly. OH I received a package from Tiff and it was amazing! Doubled Stuffed Oreos. MMM. And the letters were wonderful. A letter to Tiff is on the way. OH. "Dear Elder" . go to that website. You can write me and I will receive it THAT day! It's even nicer than e-mail because I can only check my e-mail once a week. I would LOVE those. HINT HINT. You just need my name and my mission. Colorado Denver South. So Dear Elder me when you can. I would love that.

Shout out to my Girls: Katrina, Makaal, Katelyn. I loved the things you gave me. Katrina your blanket actually helps a lot because it's pretty cold and they don't give you much blankets. Katelyn the letter I found in my journal made my day!!! Makaal I ran into an elder here that said you showed him a picture of me and told him to find me. He did! In four square! I got him out! MWAHAHAH. I don't remember his name. He seemed like the type that just pops into cute girls apartments.

I LOVE YOU FAMILY! You are the best! Such a great example in my life!

Sister Gampe

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